Kuze Fuku & Co. Southern Ironware Teapot

A Classical Design Representing the Sun, Grapes and the Earth

This classically designed ironware teapot has become popular with both Japanese and foreign buyers. The knob on the lid is intended to represent the sun, shining over the grape vines, which adorn the upper half of the teapot sides. The lower half has a hint of a grainy pattern, representing the rich soil where the grapes are grown.

This teapot's chic and traditional style is always sure to please. Used with care, it will last for a lifetime.

Use for various types of teas, both eastern and western. Available in gold and black.

Body: Iron Inside: Enameled (in Japan) Price: \12,000 + Tax
* Not to be used over direct fire. Use only as a teapot.
* To avoid water stains on tables, place the teapot on a coaster, towel, etc.
* Supplies limited.

St. Cousair Original Teapot in Pink and Green

This similarly designed ironware teapot is styled around Kuze Fuku & Co.’s sister brand St. Cousair, which specializes in Western foods and beverages, such as jams, pasta sauces and wines.

Available at St. Cousair and Kuze Fuku & co. stores nationwide.
Not available in some stores. Please ask for details.