Japanese Gelato, Made from Fresh Milk from Nagano’s Kurohime Highlands

Born of St. Cousair’s Original Gelato

Kuze Fuku & Co. was started by St. Cousair Co., Inc. St. Cousair began its days as a maker of jams, sauces, and fine wines before expanding to the wide variety of western food that it makes today. It’s main winery, store and restaurant are found in the town of Iizuna, in Nagano Prefecture. There, the visitor can find a sprawling complex of buildings modeled after a French village, including a winery, two restaurants, a chapel and production facilities for jams, sauces and sausages, all surrounded by beautiful gardens and vineyards. Here, St. Cousair began production of its Original Gelato, using milk from local farmers in the nearby Kurohime Highlands. Although the gelato is currently made in the neighboring town of Shinano, we still get our milk from the same location as always, a mere ten minute drive away.

Japanese Gelato Flavors

Aside from standard flavors like Milk or Green Tea, Kuze Fuku & Co. Gelato has a number of unique flavors using abundant seasonal and regional ingredients.

*Certain flavors may not be available in all stores.


Japanese Gelato is sold at Kuze Fuku & Co. stores equipped with a deli counter.