Kuze Fuku’s Tofu Donuts – So tasty, you wouldn’t believe it’s tofu!

Our wildly popular donuts, crafted with care in Nagano!

Delicately sweet and tasty, our light and fluffy tofu donuts use sweet soybean tofu from Nagano. The result is a delightful taste that is both nostalgic and new.

Made in Nagano from the Best Sweet Soybeans

Kuze Fuku’s donut making center is located in the woods of Nagano Prefecture’s Shinano-machi. The making of tofu donuts begins with choosing the best tofu with a rich flavor. A key important factor is that the tofu retains some of its flavor even after being fried in oil.

We are repeatedly taste testing the tofu, looking for ways to improve it each time. Making donuts involves breaking apart the tofu with the hands, mixing in flour and egg, molding it into the donut shape and frying it in oil. We are committed to producing the best donuts in hopes that the customers will always come back for more.

The Secret to Delicious Tofu

To make our Tofu Donuts we use “Nakasennari” soybeans, a sweet variety harvested in Nagano Prefecture. With a rich flavor and a higher sugar content than regular soybeans, and grown in the mineral-rich mountain water of Nagano’s North Shinano area, Nakasennari soybeans are indispensable to making our delicious donuts.

Tofu Donut Varieties

Aside from Plain Tofu Donuts, there are a number of different types of glazes in various flavors. Some are unique to specific regions where special ingredients are available. Try each variety and compare.

Tofu Donuts are on sale at Kuze Fuku & Co. stores equipped with a deli counter.

Kuze Fuku & Co.'s Tofu Donut uses a lot of tofu to increase the sponginess and moist texture to the maximum. Because of this, it has a considerably short shelf life. They are best eaten on the day of purchase.